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Long-Term Debt Ratio Calculator

The total debt ratio calculator is one of the most simple gadgets because it’s quite easy to calculate. You have to divide the whole income or total income with the total debt; that’s how the ratio is counted.

The total debt calculator may help you calculate with only one button; press the amounts that you need & get whatever you want.

Speed-up Tips: Use Tab to move to the next field and Shift+Tab to move to the previous field.

Total Debt Ratio Calculator

  A B Change
Current Liabilities:
Long-Term Liabilities:
Current Assets:
Long-Term Assets:
Net Income:
Current Debt Ratio:
Debt Equity Ratio:
Times Interest Earned Ratio:

What Are the Uses of Total Debt Ratio Calculator?

  • You can know the current financial stage of your company or stock share; it’s good if the ratio is greater.
  • It also lets you know if your company can pay off the short-term or long-term debts or not.

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