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If you want to calculate PayPal transfer Fee international or any specific country fee this PayPal fees rate calculator can help you to calculate this.

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What is PayPal Fee?

PayPal is usually one of the best alternatives for sending and receiving payments. PayPal is popular for its simplistic functions, convenience, global recognition, and security. But for this usage, you have to pay an amount that is known as PayPal Fee.

The PayPal Fee structure is mainly a combination of a transaction percentage and a fixed currency fee.  x. x% + fixed fee = total PayPal Fee is the expression of the formula. While the fixed PayPal fee remains the same for domestic and international payments, the transaction percentage is a bit higher for international payments.

When receiving Commercial Payments, the buyer’s country also plays a significant role as PayPal fees vary depending on the country. As of 2021, PayPal charges 2.9% + 0.3 for each contract for sellers. Buyers do not need to wage any fees or commissions.

Purpose of the PayPal Transfer Fee Calculator International:

  • PayPal Fee Calculator 2021 measures PayPal fees for online traders.

If you need to latest Fee rate then visit PayPal official website to see the chart: Latest PayPal Fees