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Marginal Revenue Function Calculator

The marginal revenue is the thing that is counted as the minimum profit a company can have through its sales; therefore, it’s more applicable for various manufacturing companies. You can choose different units in the calculator; for instance, you may check the revenue in every 100$, 200$, or 1000$.

The calculator is not clumsy at all; you have to know the values of production along with the total cost & the total sale in a period.

Margin Revenue Function Calculator

Enter Change in Total Revenue, Change in Quantity and hit anywhere

Marginal Revenue Calculation

Marginal Revenue:

What are the uses of Marginal Revenue Function Calculator?

  • You can check the profits or losses over time & understand the condition of your sales department.
  • Secondly, you can identify the seasonal sales & increase the production to have more profit; decrease production during the off-season.

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