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Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator

KGR is a formula that indicates a Keyword (KW) competition. Doug Cunnington invented the KGR formula. You can measure a keyword KGR score with this free online KGR checker calculator. Before using the calculator you need to know the KW search volume (SV) to get the SV to install the Keyword Surfer or Ubersuggest extension on your browser.

Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator

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KGR Calculation Result

KGR Notice:

What is the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)?

The keyword golden ratio (KGR) is a metric created to determine what keywords to target. KGR formula is a data-driven formula that gives us a long-tail keyword. You know long tail KW is easy to get rank fast. KGR KW search volume maximum 250.

KGR Keyword Golden Ratio Formula:

The formula is to find the KGR keyword:

KGR= (Number of allintitle: results รท search volume)

3. KGR Formula
Credit: nichesiteproject

If your KGR scores less than .25, then it’s a KGR keyword, and it’s easy to rank. But if your Keyword golden ratio score is higher than .25, then it doesn’t follow the KGR rules, and it isn’t a Keyword Golden Ratio KW.

Does Keyword Golden Ratio work

Yes, The Keyword Golden Ratio still works if you can properly target the Keywords. In the SEO world Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a most helpful technique for every new SEOs. By following this process you will get the long-tail keywords to target your audience.

If your website is new then obviously you need to target a small Search volume KW that would be KGR KW. Target KGR Keyword and get rank quickly on SERP.

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