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KGR is a formula that indicates a Keyword (KW) competition. Doug Cunnington invented the KGR formula. You can measure a keyword KGR score with this free online KGR checker calculator.

Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator

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What is the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)?

KGR formula is a data-driven formula that gives us long-tail keyword. You know long tail kw is easy to get rank fast.

KGR KW search volume maximum 250.

KGR Keyword Golden Ratio Formula:

The formula is to find the kgr keyword:

KGR= (Number of allintitle: results ÷ search volume)

3. KGR Formula
Credit: nichesiteproject

If your KGR scores less than .25, then it’s a KGR keyword, and it’s easy to rank. But if your Keyword golden ratio score is higher than .25, then it doesn’t follow the KGR rules, and it isn’t a Keyword Golden Ratio KW.

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