Instagram Follower Growth Rate Calculator

Instagram follower growth rate means how your Instagram grows for several periods. You can identify your account growth percentage by this free online calculator. We can measure it with our calculator by typing your new follower number within existing followers.

Instagram Follower Growth Rate Calculator

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How to Calculate Instagram Follower Growth Rate?

If you want to calculate follower growth manually or use our web calculator you need two data Numbers of Existing followers and your gained new followers in a certain period.

Suppose, last month you had 2000 followers, and now you have gained 200 new followers. So what’s your insta profile growth rate?

You can calculate the below simple formula.

Instagram Follower Growth Rate = ( # of New Followers ÷ # of Existing Followers ) x 100%

follower growth rate formula


= (200 ÷ 2000) x 100%

=0.1 x 100%


Best time to post on Instagram during the lockdown:

A recent survey show that Wednesday and Friday are the best day for posting on Instagram.

For Wednesday, 11 AM is the best time, and Friday 10 AM to 11 AM, is the perfect time to get high engagement.

Best time to post on Instagram during the lockdown

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