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How Long does it Take to Format an SD Card

quick format

Truly if I said to that how long does it take to format an SD card it’s vary to Format mode. You know there is 2 mode for format a SD card on PC/Laptop.

  • Quick format
  • Full format

If you use the Quick Format then it can take few seconds to few minutes for format the whole SD card.

Otherwise if you want to select the Full Format mode then it can take some times few hours to format the full SD card/ memory card.

Quick Format Features:

  • FAT32
  • NTFS
  • exFAT
  • Just rewrites the file system

Full Format Features:

  • Full format blank the every sectors and its more safe to remove the history.

How Long Does It Take To Format An Sd Card On Android

Suppose you want to format an SD card on android device and this SD card space is 64 GB. Most of the time it take a few second to format the full card.

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