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Conversion rate refers to the number how many people/user has completed your targeted work that work can be link click, app install, software download/install, purchase a product. If user doesn’t fulfill your requirements then it wouldn’t been a conversion it’s just a click through rate.

Conversion Rate Marketing Calculator

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How To Calculate Conversion Rate In Digital Marketing?

If you want to calculate your post/ ad/ videos conversions rate by manually you can do it by following the formula. Otherwise, you can use our handy online based calculator that’s totally free of cost!!

Conversion Rate Calculator Formula:

The formula is:

Conversion Rate= (Conversions ÷ Clicks) × 100

Note: In clicks term, you can also input visit data. I mean then your formula is:

=(Conversions ÷ Visits) × 100

How To Calculate Conversion Rate in Excel?

You can also calculate conversion on excel by the simple process. Just design a sheet in excel or google spreadsheet like the below table.

1Total Conversions:
2Total Clicks:
3Conversion Rate:=B1/B2*100%

Now past the formula on B3 cell =B1/B2*100%.

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