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Bowling Strike Rate Calculator

Bowling strike rate in cricket generally indicates how fast a bowler obtains the main goal of bowling, known as taking wickets. Therefore, the Bowling strike rate explains a bowler’s average number of balls that he balls per wicket taken.

Bowling Strike Rate Calculator

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What is Cricket Bowling Strike Rate?

The Bowling strike rate in cricket is mostly important for a test cricket match rather than a one-day international since it is only possible to quickly win in a test match by taking quick wickets.

On the other hand, in a one-day international match, the primary intention of a bowler is to give as few runs as possible while taking fewer wickets. However, a lower strike rate indicates a bowler’s higher skill to cage many wickets with fewer balls.

Purpose of the Bowling strike rate in cricket:

  • To judge a bowler’s skill in taking wickets with fewer balls.

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