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If you are looking for Best Free Alternatives to Ableton Live here we have collected more than 10+ best alternatives / similar software like Ableton Live!

At first know that about the; Ableton Live is a powerful audio/MIDI sequencing application. It lets you easily record, arrange, edit, mix and master multi-track recordings.

Support for a multitude of plugins and additional third-party tools means you can get pretty much any sound you want from Ableton Live.

The interface is divided into a timeline view, on which you can arrange audio and MIDI clips, and a “session view” that gives you an overview of all the tracks and clips that are currently loaded.

You can easily add and arrange loops and samples, use the mixer to control volumes and pan, and assign any audio output to any individual track (or the master output).

Free Ableton Live Alternative

Now see the below list of best similar software of Ableton Live.


LMMS is a free software which is a complete solution for popular MIDI music production. It is designed not only to be used by musicians, composers and other music professionals, but also to be a tool that novices can use to learn about music composition.

Ableton Live Alternative Free

The software is based on two pillars: These two “pillars” are connected by a “bridge”, which is a built-in sequencer. The sequencer is a MIDI-based sequencer, which means that the tracks are not audio-based. This means that you can not use it to record and edit audio, which is a feature that should be expected in a sequencer. However, it is possible to add effects to the tracks.


Ardour is a free and open-source digital audio workstation. It is used by a wide variety of musicians, audio engineers, and hobbyists. In all cases, however, Ardour is used to make music. There are three main areas in which Ardour excels. First, Ardour provides precise, low-latency control over every aspect of the audio recording and mixing process.

Second, Ardour’s powerful, non-destructive signal and track routing makes it possible to experiment with a huge range of different audio signal chains and mixing approaches. Third, Ardour’s support for multi-track recording, non-destructive editing, and unlimited undo provides the precise, powerful control needed to create complex, professional productions.


Caustic is an audio editing software that is inspired by the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Ableton Live. They both follow the same approach, using a piano roll to edit notes and a mixer to manage each channels volume, pan, effects etc. But what Caustic lacks compared to Live is support for plugins and VST instruments and it has a very small community. But even with that, it is still a very good piece of software to start off with!



GarageBand is a music composing, arranging, and recording application developed by Apple. The first version was released in 2004 for Mac OS X and was later ported to Microsoft Windows (version 2.0).

The latest version, GarageBand ’11, was released on October 11, 2010 for Mac OS X and again later ported to Microsoft Windows (version 3.0). GarageBand is designed to work with other Apple products: the application’s built-in instruments, sounds, and interface are optimized to work with other Apple software like iTunes and iMovie.


AudioTool is one of the newest innovative music software on the market. It is currently in beta stage, and authors expect to release the official version in about one month from now. For a limited time, the software is available for free download.



Cakewalk is a well-respected music composing and editing software manufacturer that has been around since 1991. They are probably best known for their DAWs ( digital audio workstations ), which are used by many professional and hobbyist producers, particularly those involved in EDM ( electronic dance music ).

The most popular of these DAWs is Sonar, which has won many accolades and awards. Their other software products are also well-regarded, particularly their virtual instruments and effects.


Rosegarden is an multitrack midi sequencer software. It allows you to write music like a score, with instruments and events aligned to a timeline. Once you have completed the score you can play it back in realtime. It also supports audio recording.

In this BloG we will talk about the differences between Rosegarden and Ableton Live. We will also briefly talk about how you can export a score written in Rosegarden as an audio file using Rosegarden


Qtractor is a free, open source, cross-platform software sequencer application that targets the Linux platform. Qtractor is written in the C++ programming language and the Csound-API that runs on top of the Jack Audio Connection Kit. Qtractor is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Qtractor is a software sequencer with recording and editing capabilities.

It allows the user to record and edit MIDI data and audio data, with the ability to easily add effects to the audio.
The recordings and edits of MIDI and audio data are made in separate modules. Both modules display the editor, which is a piano roll representation of the data. The MIDI module also displays a list of notes and their parameters.


When you first start using Waveform you will notice that it is quite different from other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) in the market. Most of the DAWs in the market have a piano roll, which is used for editing melody and chords. As the advancement in technology, we are now able to use waveforms for editing music. Waveform uses waveform for editing music, and is a unique DAW in the market.


LinuxSampler is a free open source software (FOSS) sampler, built to emulate the sound of famous samplers like Korg, Ensoniq, E-mu, Akai etc. LinuxSampler is a powerful tool for Linux based computers, but can also run under Windows, Mac and various other operating systems as a stand-alone application

Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio is a multitrack music software that has a lot of tools that will make composing and arranging music easier. The software is a mix of several common DAWs, and a few not so common. For example, if you want to edit your music like you would in Ableton Live, the piano roll is exactly like Ableton Live’s.

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